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Finally, A Matching Diagnosis!


Just recently, I finally managed to find a dentist, a very patient one, who took two hours just to examine and see what could be done to fix my teeth. First, he discovered that none of the remaining teeth (I’ve had 7 pulled since the first of the year) have any enamel and that is the reason my crowns keep coming off. They cannot adhere to the surfaces of my teeth. Next, there is much decay, due to the acid content of my saliva, and he believes he can only save 6 teeth. These are the front top teeth and he said he wouldn’t be sure about them until he got in there to fix the cavities and such wrong with them.  So, essentially, I’m 47 years old and going to lose most all of my teeth and have to elect for an implant arch on the bottom and partials on the top. It will be expensive and take approximately 18 months to complete, but at least I will no longer have to worry about charlatans doing more root canals and causing me more terror.  All of this work will be done under general anesthesia.  The problem? Coming up with all the money we will need to get it done.  God will provide a way.

My book “BE STILL MY LOVER’S HEART,” will be released from The Wild Rose Press on October 26th 2012 and I’m pretty excited!  I am working on book two and one of my contemporary romances as well as freelance projects. All my friends are sending reminders that Christmas is coming and, to be honest, I am nowhere near ready for that yet. With all the heat, it just doesn’t feel that way. The weather is certainly strange this year! 

Then, I have one of my cats also having dental problems. His appointment is next week. I certainly hope his is much easier to deal with than mine. Not cheap, for certain, but I have to take care of him, too. Well I know that I haven’t written a blog in a long time, but have been working on many other projects and self promotion for the book. I will be back to this again sometime. Thanks for your patience!

Writing is my dream. From romance to dragons; fairies to fantasy worlds, this is where I live and play. Thanks be to God! – Lisa Hannah Wells





I know many people suffer from all types of pain and many have to deal with it on a daily basis such as those suffering from nerve related issues, migraines, chronic back pain etc.  I just never thought that it would be so difficult to have something simple, even though drastic, be so difficult to make happen.

Most who follow this blog have read my columns under ‘MY LIFE IS ONE BIG ROOT CANAL’  and probably found it amusing. However, there has been much that is far from funny that has come from this. Being tortured, held down in the chair so a procedure can be finished when the pain medication no longer works and me screaming from the pain, while watching the blood splatter from my mouth onto their face shields is a nightmare I’m not sure I will ever recover from.  Each procedure only led to more procedures that became ‘necessary’ and yet all that work, more than $30,000 worth, didn’t take. Crowns will not stay on teeth, which has resulted in infections and having to have those teeth pulled. Different dentists have fared no better and Novocaine, Benzocaine, Lidocaine, Oral sedatives don’t work. Only general anesthesia works but tends to wear off quickly.  Because of my age, no dentist will remove all my teeth. They simply aren’t taught that this is a means to an end.

I have one option left to me and that is through the specialty dental school at UCLA and that appointment is July 18th. If they will not do what my doctors, therapists and other professionals say is necessary for my own mental well-being, I may not be around that much longer. Oh, not by my choice. That is the power of the subconscious and it has already attempted once to remove me from a situation I felt I could not handle. I am scared it could happen again and so are my doctors. I’m down to the end of my rope here.

I guess my message is for dentists or even dental students; sometimes you have to do something extreme in order to save a life when others in your profession have done great harm whether meaning to or not. I’ll let you know how my appointment with UCLA turns out. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Writing is my dream. From romance to dragons; fairies to fantasy worlds, this is where I live and play. Thanks be to God!! – Lisa Hannah Wells




By, Lisa Hannah Wells


It’s a day of flags and flowers

A day of American Pride

No people with super powers

Only real people who lived and died


It’s a day of remembrance and tears

It’s a day to remember a cause

A day of parades, heroes and cheers

A day to take a moment and pause


To remember the lives given, and given still

Past, present even futures on this day

A day to remember, a way of life that is real

The fight to protect and preserve the American way!


Writing is my dream. From romance to dragons; fairies to fantasy worlds, this is where I live and play. Thanks be to God! – Lisa Hannah Wells

The Date Has Been Set!


Hello all of you wonderful people who have to put up with my strange, sad, funny, and plain crazy posts! It’s here! Finally, after three years of editing Hell, I have a release date on the first book in my new series. BE STILL MY LOVER’S HEART is scheduled to be available for purchase on October 26, 2012!

Also, I have started a new Blog where you will find all the latest news, teasers, character interviews and hints on the other upcoming 4 books in the series. So, please enjoy the new blog, invite all your friends and get ready for some out of this world posts.

Of course, my life still is up and down and all over the place, so I will still be posting on this site as well. All the usual, unusual, informative and real aspects of my life will still be here as will my odd opinions and the occasional special posts for everyone’s enjoyment. SO! There you have it!  If I don’t post anything here before the weekend, everyone enjoy the Memorial Day Holiday and keep in mind that our freedom is not without cost! My son is in Afghanistan now and I pray he doesn’t have to make that ultimate sacrifice.

God bless all our soldiers, veterans and those still in training to keep our Nation free! God be with those families who have loved ones in war zones, and in other situations that keep them apart. Finally, God comfort those who will be remembering their loved ones as having paid that ultimate cost and know that they are not alone in their sorrow!  God keep us all and protect us and save this Country from those determined to destroy her.

Writing is my dream. From romance to dragons; fairies to fantasy lands, this is where I live and play. Thanks be to God!! – Lisa Hannah Wells

I Saw the Saddest thing!


First of all, I learned to drive on a manual transmission and have preferred it ever since. Not that I haven’t had a few automatic vehicles, I have. Still, there is something about having the feel of control over what the engine is (under normal circumstances) going to do in your hand. I even drive an SUV that has a five speed manual transmission. Everything else is electronic, however. My first car was as basic as they come. A Toyota Tercel four speed with NOTHING automatic. I drove that car until I moved away from my birthplace and then sold it to my mom. She kept it until several years ago and I would drive it when I went for a visit. I never regretted that car…

Recently, we went to the movies and, as usual, we park under the covered area so that the sun doesn’t heat the vehicle and keeps the paint from peeling. Living in California, it is not unusual to see some pretty fancy sports cars and I usually drool, waiting until the day when I make enough money from the sales of my books to buy a cute little sporty car for myself.  This particular day there was a Ferrari parked under the same area where we were. I usually see these vehicles as they zoom past me on the freeways or somewhere in traffic and never really get to go up and admire them closely. This was a new car, 2 door and had a medium blue paint job. One, you don’t usually see this kind of car in blue…

Lon pointed out that the engine was displayed, quite beautifully, too, through the slanted back window. Odd, that. I guess you can expect that in these kinds of cars even though I’d never seen anything like it before. The front seats were leather and comfy looking. The car itself wasn’t as wide or long as the Ferraris I’ve seen before, but like I said it was new. Then, while I was looking through the front passenger window, I saw the saddest thing…

This half million dollar vehicle was an automatic! That’s right, automatic! This sports vehicle could probably corner on a dime, reach speeds in excess of 200mph, most likely turbo and all of that, to me, wasted in the plain fact that it was an automatic transmission. What’s the point? If you can’t feel the purr of that baby’s engine through a four to five on the floor, it’s just not worth it!  Well, it’s enough to make you cry…


Writing is my dream. From romance to dragons; fairies to fantasy worlds, this is where I live and play. Thanks be to God!! – Lisa Hannah Wells

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Sometimes You Wonder If Hell Has an End


To quote a very popular phrase, “What doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger,”is an understatement. This year I joined the millions of Americans who are out of work as well as being the survivor of Pneumonia and having horrible reactions to some drugs that nearly made me a permanent resident of the local Psychiatric hospital. I’m hoping that the storm is finally nearing its end and can almost see the beginnings of a rainbow…

While it is true that it took losing my job in order to finish my book for publication, I was with both bosses for five years and that hurt to be let go. I know the circumstances, while not entirely my fault, were still hurtful to all of us. Then depression set in pretty hard and I started to see all the things around me that I had made over the past few years, pretty gowns, my wigs for being different every day and even the lovely jewelry I had made to go with the clothes I had made. It all made me hate myself and I found myself in a frenzy of throwing things out. I gave away three years of clothing, all of it unique and admired by prior co-workers to Goodwill. I gave away all but a few choice pieces of jewelry and boxed up all of my beads and findings and sold them to a wonderful gal in Alaska. The wigs, I boxed up and put in our storage space. I just couldn’t look at any of it anymore…

Then, as if it weren’t bad enough, Menopause hit me with a vengeance and I felt like I was roasting alive every night, unable to sleep and when I did, it was with vivid dreams, most of them unpleasant. I did what I know I shouldn’t have done and shut myself off from everyone, going out only when I had to or when Lon was with me. I didn’t want to talk on the phone even. With the Menopause, my balance worsened and I found myself falling more often than not and my depression worsened. I ended up with a cracked rib from one fall that took forever to heal and hurt every time I moved or took a breath. Being a natural healer, I mixed some of my oils used as an estrogen replacement and began to use it. It helped but not as much as I hoped…

What had happened to me? Who was I? Why was I going through all of this when I had always been a giving, loving person? I still don’t have any easy answers, no answers really at all. I do have Faith and that faith is the only thing that keeps me holding on sometimes. My dental nightmares continue as well, but I’ll leave that for another time. Today, I began to see the slightest tinge of pink in my rainbow…

What does that mean? Well, throughout all of this, my beads have begun to bless people all over Alaska and not only the gal I sold them to. She and I have become friends and somehow, someway, through me the Lord blessed her life in ways I could never begin to understand. My son ended up not far from where I am for training before a mission and I was able to see him for the first time after that terrible period that followed where everything went wrong between my children and me. We parted on good terms. He is now engaged to a lovely young woman and they plan to marry. I’m invited!  I did finish the edits on my book and it is going to production to be released this year. I also have begun working on book 2 and hope it will come out the first part of next year.  I began to look for writing jobs again and there are now two that look favorable with one other possible. I am also getting that desire to start sewing again with an idea for a cool summer outfit and a beautiful dress with short cape that draws up into a ruffled hood. First I’m going to scale down things and start with the dresses for Barbie dolls. Have you seen what they sell for on E-bay? Wow!

If that weren’t enough, I still have the most loving, understanding man in the world who remains at my side through these trials and will until the fire is gone at least for a time… Then, there are all of you wonderful readers who have stuck in there with me, too. Each of you waiting for the next post. There’s so much more to tell, but this is good enough for now...  I promise I won’t be so long for the next one.

Writing is my dream. From romance to dragons; fairies to fantasy worlds, this is where I live and play. Thanks be to God! – Lisa Hannah Wells